About Joel.

Joel Nihlean is a writer, graphic designer, photographer, and drummer for jumble of local punk bands.  He works as a Marketing & Communications Specialist for the Texas Apartment Association as well as freelancing for BookPeople and Chaos in Tejas, among others.

Over the years, his flashy, mysterious blue eyes and unkempt looks earned him work as a literary snob and event host for BookPeople and as a food service peon at various local establishments, most notably Amy’s IceCreams. He is a nerd. He has nearly 500 movies on his Netflix queue and moderates a monthly science fiction book group.

On December 17th, 2007 he became a dad. Finding fatherhood to be so simple, and not at all time consuming, he did it again. His daughter, Audrey was born March 22, 2011. His kids are adorable but have zero chance of turning out normal with a dad like this.